English Results 2014 – congratulations!

Congratulations to all of our English students at A-Level and GCSE on some superb results. With more students than ever going on to study English-based courses at university, the multiple successes in Oxbridge entrance, and some of our highest ever A-Level passes (71% A*/A ; 94% A*-B) now is the time to pick up a book and join an A-level English Literature group!

Our GCSE English Language results were excellent with a continued rise this year to 87% A*/A.

The GCSE English Literature results were also strong with 75% A*/A, and 98% A*-B.


Rewilding – speech

Inspired by George Monbiot’s recent book, Feral, outlining the case for rewilding, RGS student Benedict Springbett, wrote his own impassioned, and brilliantly witty, speech on the same subject: read it here: Rewilding – Springbett14.

For those of you interested in reading Monbiot’s writing: www.monbiot.com






Revising for your GCSE English Lit. and Lang. exams

A critical part of revising well for your GCSE English exams (Literature and Language) is to re-read your texts critically and actively.

– Make notes of key quotations that might illustrate multiple themes

– Analyse key scenes exploring how the writer develops characters and themes

– Consider the FUNCTIONS character and symbols play in creating meaning: what do they add to the ideas or narrative of the text?

There are plenty of online resources to help you revise but your most valuable resource (beyond your own excellent brains) will be the specific notes and support that you have gathered in class. One of the best ways to prepare for the exams is to complete PPQs – you will have been issued with this material in class.

Here are two brief revision guides to help you get started in planning your revision:

aaFifth Form GCSE Exam Preparation A4 ENG LIT

aaFifth Form GCSE Exam Preparation A4 ENG LANG

Work hard now and reap the rewards in the summer!

Science-Fiction: Double Feature!

Amazing day with the Third Form: So scientific! So creative!

Massive thank you to everybody involved in making the day such a success. And what a talented year group!

The scientific lectures and demonstrations were fascinating.

The first draft of a much larger anthology of the writing produced today can be read here:

3formSCIFIanth DRAFT

The incredible Sci-Fi music composed today can be heard here:


And the art work created can be viewed here:

scifi14 ART

Name two pronouns! Who, me?

A fantastic learning resource to sharpen your inner wordsmith:


NOTE: From January 2013 marks are awarded for accurate spelling, punctuation and use of grammar in external GCSE exams in English literature, geography, history and religious studies.

Effective, accurate writing is an important part of academic success across the curriculum.